Connect Now Authorized Leadership Program - Mastermind Mastery (LEVEL 2)

Monthly Mastermind Groups and Recurring Events Module | taught by Jennifer Henczel

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This course is an extra module only for those who have purchased and completed the Connect Now Authorized Leadership Program Level 1. You will only be entered into this course upon approval only.

Tap into an additional source of recurring monthly income!

This course will teach you how to plug your mastermind or monthly recurring event into the Connect Now system. You must first be approved to enroll in this module, and to then have your event listed in the Connect Now calendar, and promoted by Connect Now in any way. CLICK HERE to apply and enter your mastermind details. CLICK HERE to apply and enter your recurring event information.

Jennifer Henczel
Jennifer Henczel
Award Winning Leader | Speaker | Author | Inspired Influencer | Founder of Connect Now

About the speaker: Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Author, and Speaker. With a strong passion for connecting people, Jennifer founded the Connect Now Network, Fraser Valley Business Network, Expert Speaker Series, Fraser Valley Marketing Summit, and Marketing Motivator. She has many years of experience in training, and delivering workshops and seminars for Universities, Government Funded Training Centres, and Corporate clients. She also offers webinars and has a wide reach online, with both local and international audiences.

Through Connect Now, Jennifer is raising up leaders in many communities through her Authorized Leadership Program, helping them to help others, and providing them with opportunities for additional leads and income. J

Through Marketing Motivator, Jennifer helps people get excited about their marketing. Find out about today's must-have Tools that the experts use for generating leads, engaging your audience, building a stellar online presence and creating an effective marketing system that works.

Jennifer Henczel

Phone: 778-823-2421
Box 813 Stn A
#30 – 32500 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC Canada V2T 7A2

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