Autoresponders that Convert

How To Write an Effective Email Series That Markets Your Business on Autopilot | taught by Jennifer Henczel

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Every business, non-profit and community group should have autoresponders in place.


The #1 reason:

They help you to help more people.

Having systems in place, frees you up to do more of what you love. Autoresponder emails allow you to reach new customers and clients on their time table. You need to build strong relationships with your readers before they will buy from you.

Still on the fence about autoresponders? A good autoresponder service is worth every penny. Building your list isn't enough. Your readers have to know, like and trust you to make this work. Your 1st goal in email marketing is to get them to open the email. Otherwise nothing else matters.

  • Keep your emails short and to the point. Make them easy to read and you'll get a better response.
  • The first step in writing a highly converting a/r series is planning your emails.
  • You have to have a good relationship with your readers if you want to convert them to customers.
  • Build anticipation for your next email with foreshadowing. Readers will be waiting for it.
  • Focus on showing your potential customers that you're a trusted expert before you make an offer.

Would you like to learn more about what autoresponders are, and proven example emails from top experts that have converted visitors into customers, and customers into fans?

Enroll in this course today to get access to the guide, workbook, examples and more. It's a low investment for very valuable information that might be exactly what your business needs to grow this year, and every year.

Jennifer Henczel
Jennifer Henczel
Award Winning Leader | Speaker | Author | Inspired Influencer | Founder of Connect Now

About the speaker: Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Author, and Speaker. With a strong passion for connecting people, Jennifer founded the Connect Now Network, Fraser Valley Business Network, Expert Speaker Series, Fraser Valley Marketing Summit, and Marketing Motivator. She has many years of experience in training, and delivering workshops and seminars for Universities, Government Funded Training Centres, and Corporate clients. She also offers webinars and has a wide reach online, with both local and international audiences.

Through Connect Now, Jennifer is raising up leaders in many communities through her Authorized Leadership Program, helping them to help others, and providing them with opportunities for additional leads and income. J

Through Marketing Motivator, Jennifer helps people get excited about their marketing. Find out about today's must-have Tools that the experts use for generating leads, engaging your audience, building a stellar online presence and creating an effective marketing system that works.

Jennifer Henczel